OPTEX Treuhand AG 

OPTEX Treuhand AG and OPTEX Audit AG offer professional services in the areas of fiduciary, taxes, consulting and auditing for companies as well as for private individuals. We attach great importance to a personal customer relationship and direct communication channels. As highly experienced experts with a proven record we guarantee a multidisciplinary, high-quality service.

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OUR Know-How.


15 employees
4 Dipl. fiduciary experts
1 certified accountant
2 fiduciaries with federal certification
1 finance & accounting specialist with federal certificate of proficiency
1 social insurance specialist with federal certificate of proficiency
1 fiduciary with federal certificate in training
3 Fiduciary clerks
1 apprentice in training to become a commercial clerk EFZ

What we do - examples from our everyday work
- Executor mandate of a childless deceased US citizen with seven non-family heirs
- Employee participation with subsequent succession implementation of a trading company
- Guidance through post-trial and penalty tax proceedings with substantial tax reduction
- Demerger of a company to the two main shareholders, both companies continue to be our clients
- Interim assignment of payroll accounting and personnel administration for 80 employees
- Tax optimization by transferring two properties from private assets to a corporation
- Accompaniment of buyers for company acquisition
- Due diligence as well as company valuation incl. negotiations
- Check of contribution in kind: contribution of a real estate for the purpose of payment of share capital as well as formation of a stock corporation
- Succession concept (valuation, shareholders' agreement, tax ruling, employee participation plan, group structure, financing, etc.) for shareholder expansion
- Complete conversion of accounting to digital process
- Step-up and tax arrangements with tax authorities on the occasion of tax reform
- Sparring partner for start-up companies